Write About What You Know

Write About What You Know

Writing Tips for Travelers – Write about What You Know

Often writers think they need to write about amazing things and make up lots of interesting stories, but one of the biggest writing tips for travelers is to simply write about what you know for sure. This puts you in the undeniably advantageous position of actually being an expert on a topic and being able to talk about it in a way that people will appreciate and understand. It also makes it a lot easier for you to respond to feedback and present your ideas in a different way if people are having difficulty understanding what you want to say.

Everything is interesting

No matter what you think about a topic, no matter how boring you think others must think your orchids in the back garden are that you love so much, everything is going to be interesting to someone somewhere. Face it, you can’t write for everyone. So another of the biggest writing tips for travelers is simply that if you write about what you know, someone somewhere will find it interesting and like it. And doesn’t everyone want people to like what they read?

Focus on your hobbies

Your hobbies are incredibly a great way to keep writing and mix them with the places that you are vacationing in. For example, if you really like poker then you could write your angle from the point of view of a “Poker Player in Phnom Penh”. That’s just one idea, but everyone has their own hobby. For example, if you like sewing, knitting and weaving you could do a series of travel articles on handcrafts in South America when you travel through Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. The biggest writing tip for travelers here is again that you need to focus on what you know to get the best results in your writing. Never write about things you don’t know or haven’t researched because you will lose your credibility with your readers at some point.

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Educational background

Another good angle that a writer can take is by using their educational background. For example, if you took city planning in university but are now a freelance journalist, that’s not a problem. Don’t forget about what you learned, use it to your advantage (unless you really hate it of course!). If you’re a trained city planner then your articles on architecture, spacious boulevards in Hanoi and French classical buildings in South East Asia are really going to have a special feel to them because you really do know what you are talking about. People will recognize this and your fame will skyrocket. You’ll get more and more projects to do and more and more free expenses paid writing trips. If you took nursing in college, then you could be writing about health care and hospitals in the exotic places that you visit. It really depends on you, your background and what you know.

Focus entirely on what you know for sure and you can never go wrong!