Travel Tips to Dubai

Travel Tips to Dubai

Before you plan your vacation to Dubai, its worth knowing that Dubai is a Muslim country so remember to familiarise yourself with the traditions and customs of the Emirate. In the summer months it can get unbearably hot in the mid 40’s (centigrade) so the ideal time is really when it starts to cool down somewhere between the months of October and May.

If you want a feel for the lifestyle of Dubai as well as day to day life, its definitely worth reading an online version of the of its most popular newspapers prior to visiting the emirate, these are the Khaleej Times and the Gulf News. For business there is Arabian business but this is targeted more to the GCC nations.

If you intend on visiting the Gold Souk, try and get a gauge of the price per gram of gold for that particular day. This can easily be found out online, in the newspapers or you can even ask at the hotel reception where you are staying to find out for you. This helps you from getting ripped off and also allows you to haggle better when purchasing any jewellery.

If you’re looking to relax or enjoy some time with your family or on your own, Al Mamzar Park is a stunning park worth visiting, it also has a beach.

Drinking Alcohol in public is completely forbidden so please avoid this otherwise you will go to jail. Dubai also has very strict anti-drug laws so what may be considered OK in some countries is generally considered illegal in the emirate. Most clubs and bars are located within the major hotels so there is no disruption on the streets.

Finally, during the holy month of Ramadan, please remember not to eat anything in public since Muslims do not eat from sunrise to sunset. Eating in front of somebody who is fasting is considered to be quite rude.

Dubai is an incredible place to visit, it is very cosmopolitan a great deal more than you would imagine for an Arab country, it is also quite relaxed.