Travel Tips For Barbados

Travel Tips For Barbados

Many tourists throughout the years have visited Barbados, a beautiful island that is located in the Caribbean. This is not surprising because of the many things that it has to offer, which includes the hospitality of the people, the beaches and the country’s history. These few tip will be helpful if you are considering traveling to this island.


Every child and adult entering and leaving Barbados will need a Passport that is valid for at least six months, or less, depending on the country you are a citizen of. In the pass, visitors from Canada were allowed to enter using their drivers license, but this is no longer the case.


Countries of the Commonwealth and Caricom do not need a visa to enter, but all other places do, places such as China, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Madagascar, Pakistan, Slovakia and the list goes on.

Support and Address

You will need to know the name and address of the person or place that you will be staying at. Additionally, you will need to walk with and, or have access to the money that you will be using to support yourself during the duration of your stay.

Custom Forms

On the airplane you will be given a custom Declaration Form to declare any listed items that must be checked. On this form you will need to write the address of where you will be staying.


There are many airlines, which includes Air Canada, American Airline, Caribbean Airways and Virgin Atlantic that flies to the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.

Others Items

Be very wary about carrying a stranger’s luggage for them.

Can Extent Stay

If you need to extend your stay, you will need to apply at the immigration office that is located in Bridgetown for the extension.

Departure Taxes

In the pass, a departure tax had to be paid at the check-in desk, before you were given the boarding pass. However, this has changed and the tax is now added to the ticket.

Enjoy your trip.