Tips For Striking Up a Conversation With a Woman

Men sometimes find it difficult to approach the opposite sex, especially if they feel shy or awkward. The art of conversation is one of the keys to getting a woman’s attention so it is important a man has some conversation tricks up his sleeve so he will be able to conversate comfortably with a woman and gain the attention he desires.

How to Get Her Interested With Conversation

When a man is first attempting to talk to a woman, it is imperative he does not appear overly pushy. This is not the time for intense conversation or it could push a woman away and make her immediately become uninterested. Instead of being too aggressive, a man should use these easy conversation starters that are sure to pique her interest:

  • A situational conversation starter is a great way to break the ice without seeming like a man is coming on to her. Use something that is in the area, whether a person or object and begin a conversation about it.
  • A direct approach of just saying “hi” may seem overly simple but so many women are accustomed to men using pickup lines to gain their attention, a simple hello can be refreshing and seem unique.
  • Asking a woman for her opinion can be helpful in starting up an interesting conversation. Women will often be less on the defense if a man starts off a conversation in this manner.
  • Although it can be risky, complimenting a woman still brings in brownie points and helps men get started on conversating with a woman. It is important the compliment is not overtly sexual or too much of a come on or a man will get turned down.
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Pique Her Interest and the Conversation Battle Is Won

It is important a man is able to pique and keep a woman’s interest in a conversation. It is vital a man is real in his conversation efforts and does not try to put on a fake persona because most women will be able to see right through these pitiful attempts.

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