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Information About ADHD Treatment You had a talk with the adviser of your child in school. The teacher said that your son has a hard time sitting still at his desk. Another behaviour that she observed with your son is fidgety behaviour. The adviser then tells you that maybe you would need to test your son for ADHD. Upon hearing that word you feel anxious about it because you know that this is a dreaded thing among parents. It is understandable if you feel nervous or anxious about it but there available options for treatment for this. But you need to be sure first that your son indeed has ADHD. If you are based in Portland you can find people who make diagnosis there for ADHD Portland kids. Parents go to them to have a proper diagnosis of their children. It certainly is not cause to be greatly depressed if your son indeed turns out to have ADHD. There are medical experts that you can go to seek treatment for this condition of your son. But you also need to educate yourself on what your options are when it comes to treatment of said condition. Having this information allows you to make an informed choice when it comes to your son’s treatment plan. Many children with ADHD are prescribed specific medication. These medications help children focus on something which is something they have a hard time doing because of their ADHD. But there are some who say that there are side effects to using this. Some of the side effects are sleep problems and loss of appetite. Those who are not comfortable with these drugs take the natural approach of treatment. One natural treatment is to change the diet of the child with ADHD. It is believed that there are some foods or substances in foods that increase hyperactivity in children. Many people say that chocolates raise hyperactivity in kids. There are also certain food colorants that induce hyperactivity in children. Some parents also have their children checked for food allergies as this may also cause them to be hyperactive.
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Another recommended natural treatment is the spending time outdoors. When the child is outside the more that child is able to focus. It is nature that helps this to happen. That’s why you need to have regular time outside with your son.
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Another form of natural treatment is the doing of yoga or tai-chi exercises. This helps to calm down children. You can search online for this type of classes which you can encourage your son to join. And of course it is highly recommended to do behavioural therapy for someone who has ADHD.

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