The Best Nightclubs In The World: Bungalow 8 – Sydney, Australia – Review

The Best Nightclubs In The World: Bungalow 8 – Sydney, Australia – Review

Looking for a classy night out on the water then look no further then Bungalow 8, located at the far end of King Street Wharf.

After much deliberation, our group of about 6 guys and girls decided to head to Darling Harbour to celebrate… um… the weekend. With a vast array of bars and clubs to choose from, Bungalow 8 caught our eye with it’s appealing half indoor half outdoor layout and heaters (it was absolutely freezing!!!).

We headed in, and whilst I’ve got no idea what Hoegaarden is, the guys we were with got pretty excited that they have it on tap hear (apparently it is a Belgium or German beer or something). However girls do not think you are left out as the wine list is extensive to say the least (Albeit not overly cheap however this is to be expected). In any case, us girls decided to indulge in a few bottles of reasonably wine and sat in one of the many comfy lounges as the club started to fill up with a bunch of well dressed (and outrageously good looking 25 to 35 year old guys and girls).

By about 10 or so (by this time I had kind of lost track of time) the place was pretty packed and the live music began to play (which was a combination of a regular DJ and a guy on the drums). Needless to say it was pretty good albeit it a little different.

The first thing that one notices when heading to Bungalow 8 is the amazing interior and exquisite bar. Although we didn’t eat, apparently the food is also to die for, with the dish of choice seemingly the muscles. The lighting also well adds an air of a class to the venue, which would not look out of place in some kind of Arabian palace. The atmosphere is classy without being pretentious, which makes for an entertaining night out in my book.

By about 1 or so, our group (mainly the guys) decided to get a little bit animated, and to our surprise where asked by the bouncers to calm down (rather than summarily dismissed from the bar). Needless to say this was a nice surprise given that it probably would have put a bit of a dampener on the night if we had to leave then.

So if you are heading to Bungalow 8, I’d recommend you dress to impress and get there nice and early to avoid disappointment as this bar fills ups pretty quick.