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Understanding Orthodontic Treatments in Pasadena

Just like any other city in California, the city of Pasadena also has a myriad of trained medical professionals. Orthodontists are some of these experts. Although quite mistaken with dentists, the work of orthodontists is quite different from that of dentists. Dentists usually deal with issues that touch on the teeth procedures. The procedures performed by dentists range from tooth extraction to root canal to tooth filling. It should be noted that general dentists may also perform orthodontic work once they have undergone a specialized training upon completion of their dentistry courses.

On the other hand, orthodontists specialize in treatments that focus on restoring the shape of the face of their clients. The work of the orthodontists is, therefore, the treatment of malocclusion. To achieve this, these specialists used special braces and aligners.

Retainers are the other tools that these experts use to conduct their treatment. The work of these retainers is to ensure that the teeth remain in the new position after a deformity is corrected. Generally the success of an orthodontic treatment is dependent on a number of factors.

Firstly, the duration within which you will make use of your retainers will influence how perfect your healing will be. For most patients, especially those whose bodies are still actively growing, they may use the retainers for only a short period of time. There are also cases where retainers may be totally unnecessary for some clients. For other groups of people such as the aging, retainers might be used for a lifelong. The elderly people usually have their teeth regrouping for various reasons and this makes it all the more necessary for them to keep using the retainers in their whole lifetimes.

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The nature of the deformity is the other issue that may influence the success of your orthodontic treatment. Generally, malocclusion fall into main groups, namely natural and acquired. In either of the tow circumstances, correction of the conditions is possible if the client seeks treatment early enough. Natural malocclusions ought to be corrected just at their onset so that they don’t advance further since treating them at their initial stage will guarantee better results as opposed to treating them when they have fully developed. In the same way, those who acquire malocclusions should have orthodontic procedures performed on them just at the time the accidents occur so that the healing process can be fast and perfect.

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