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How Useful Intelligent Transportation?

With intelligent traffic system or also called as intelligent transport system, it incorporates state of the art traffic control by taking advantage of real time data input and interactive communication with the drivers in an effort to make the best and most efficient transport system.

If you will look at major cities in 1st world countries like London, Tokyo, New York, Paris, you’ll discover that their transportation is so congested that they never ceases to find solutions to deal with it. With the massive number of vehicles used on road as the primary source of transportation, dealing with traffic jams become inevitable. Cars that have huge load can sometimes be the reason for slowing traffic down but to a more serious note, it is the cause of dealing with static traffic.

There are now intelligent transportation designed in an effort to deal with this issue and at the same time, to deliver the best experience among motorists. As a matter of fact, these systems are globally deployed especially on city streets with high load and congested highways. Intelligent transportation system or ITS is offering traffic control centers that have statistics and real-time data of traffic not just that, they even show the loads as well as HQ video surveillance.

The traffic control centers serve as guidance by interactive with the drivers and supplying them with valuable info on which route is the fastest way they can take to get into their destination. On rush hour, just a handful of elite systems provide extra lane in boosting traffic rate while also reducing the load.

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ITS may be used too for guiding the drivers on conditions with low visibility similar to foggy weather. In some of the deployed ITS, roads are actually lighting in as a way to guide the drivers on the road they are driving on and avoid accidents. To be able to eliminate time wasted at the toll stations, ITS is offering pay as you go service to various toll stations. This is using a special sticker on the car which is identified on the toll gate and the fee is automatically billed online. Likewise, drivers who have violated traffic rules can be also identified easily with this feature as it take photos of the car most especially the driver and the license plate.

All of these features and functions of ITS depend on heavy and continuous exchange of data between the roads and the traffic control center. Copper wires and several other old technologies can’t keep up in providing feasible and efficient communication over long distances. Delays in the communication may cause serious issues and for that, ITS only uses the best of best in today’s technology.

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