The 4 Cheapest Beach Vacations in Europe

Many people dream of going to Europe and have a beach holiday there. Traveling to Europe for a beach holiday can be cheap depending on the coastal destination that you want to go. The following are the 4 cheap beach vacation spots in Europe.


  1. Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a wide strip of beach that is several miles long on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. Around Sunny Beach, you will find plenty of cheap hotels. There are many value water sports activities for older kids to participate. Beach lounger and parasol can be rented. From Sunny Beach, you can hire a luxury catamaran to the snorkeling spot. You can also join a cruise to explore the Ropotamo River and see the wildlife there. There is the Luna Park that offers a variety of rides for kids. You can also visit the Action Aquapark which offers free admission for kids below a certain height.


  1. Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay is a big sandy beach with warm sea water in Mellieha, Malta. The sandy beach is kids friendly as the water is shallow and reach up to your waist only. Jellyfishes are present in the shallow water so you must be cautious when swimming. Mellieha Bay gets crowded in the summer but there are staff from the resort that come to sweep the beach clean every day. The sand can get hot fast so it is recommended that you rent a sun lounger. You can also bring your beach tent to provide some shade from the sun. In some areas, there are concrete steps that descend into the sea. On the promenade, there are supermarkets and restaurants. From Mellieha Bay, you can also take a cheap bus ride to other destinations.

  1. Paphos Municipal Beach
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Paphos Municipal Beach is a strip of rocky beach that runs from Yeroshipou to Paphos harbor in Paphos, Cyprus. The beach is suitable for skilled swimmers because the water is deep and have plenty of waves. Many people like to dive into the sea from the pier. On the pier, a ladder is reach into the water. Many divers like to go diving in the Paphos Municipal Beach to explore the rocks below. The sunbeds and umbrellas are cheap compared to other nearby beaches. Amenities like showers, car park, toilets and changing room are accessible on the beach.

  1. Spaggia Alimini

Spaggia Alimini is a long and wide sandy beach with many natural sand dunes in Otranto, Italy. Spaggia Alimini has clear and clean water that is good for swimming. The water is shallow for up to 200 meters off the shoreline. When in the shallow water, you can observe schools of colorful fishes swimming by. The water is always calm with gentle waves no matter how much wind breeze it has. Nearby, there are snack bars, restaurants and clean toilets. To get a good experience, you can rent a sun chair and big umbrella. You can arrive at Spaggia Alimini by taking a walk through the woods.