Save Money on Travel Expenses by Doing These 7 Things

Save Money on Travel Expenses by Doing These 7 Things

If you are going on a business trip or a pleasure trip, you will find the increased costs have been passed on to you. These Travel Tips have been put together to save you money. You can use them as business travel tips or pleasure travel tips.

No one wants to keep on “shelling out” more of our hard earned money or our company’s money. The changes we have referred to above have to be made. So, it is more important than ever for the consumer to get acquainted with price saving travel tips so we can still afford to travel. Here are some excellent points for us to know and practice.

1. “Discount Deals” are found on the internet. Look thoroughly to find one a little bit better. However, they may not be the best you can find. Check carefully for specials in your local newspapers in the Sunday or Special Editions.

2. Sharpen your pencils! Compare the cost of flying to driving. Many times flying is the least expensive way to go when you add in the cost of fuel, meals, overnight stays, etc. The longer the trip, the better the airlines compare. Time available to you is also one of the issues that play an important part of your planning. Business travel tips are very important because your employer wants business trips to be expedited – and inexpensive!

3. Check into smaller airports. Many large cities have several airports. Often the smaller ones are better priced and have cheap/free parking. They need your business in this market. Check into using an airport in a nearby town. Most of the time you need to rent a car. If a few extra miles will save you enough, Use it. Many times, when you are on a business trip, extra calls on customers can fit nicely between the smaller and larger towns.

4. If it is legal where you are, check the price of buying 2 two-way tickets each way. Discard each half you don’t need. The airlines aren’t happy with this practice, but where allowed, check it out. You might save money this way.

5. Another Travel Tip!! Be careful where you book your hotel room. You could get an unfavorable room location. Hotels will assign you a less attractive location if you get the room at a very low price. The hotels won’t admit this. But they do it and you can avoid a bad location if you work with the hotel’s website directly.

6. Nine times out of ten, buying insurance on your rental car is not required. You can confirm this with your own insurance company. If this is a business trip, you can check with your company’s insurance carrier. But most times a “temporary replacement vehicle” is covered already. Many major credit cards provide this as well.

7. Not likely for a business trip, but if you can be flexible as to time and days you can travel, you can get great deals through “last minute” booking. Remember; if the seats or rooms are going to be empty, the airline or hotel make NO income from them. Even at a low price, you are improving their bottom line and you win by getting a great price. Sign up for e newsletters or search the internet for last minute deals when you travel.

Remember it’s cheaper for you to do as much as you can yourself. Keep informed and save!

This is very important!