Redfish Fishing: Facts to Know

Fishing is a great sport that many enjoy in Florida during the summer. Redfish is a popular kind to seek out because its meat is flavorful. There are some things to be aware of for those just getting started before seeking out redfish in Tampa.

What Are Redfish?

The term can be somewhat confusing because redfish refers to a number of different fish. In the United States, redfish can be Acadian redfish, red snapper, red drum, ocean perch and Norway redfish. The largest recorded redfish in Florida was 51.5 pounds. However, caught fish must be between 18 and 27 inches for you to keep them when fishing in Tampa Bay.

Florida Fishing Seasons

There are lots of redfish fishing opportunities all year in the Tampa bay. The catch is plentiful, as there are lots of fish, but the fish in the bay are smaller. Even so, you can catch a mess of fish without looking too hard. Sometimes the state wildlife office closes the season due to overfishing, but that usually happens in late July or August.

Where Are the Redfish?

It’s important to know where to look for these delectables. You can use a small boat or fish from shore in some areas. These are in heavy green grass, at creek mouths and near the banks. Redfish like to hang out where the land makes a point or opens up into the bay. You will need at least a small boat to get to the high-producing areas.

The larger fish will be further out into the Bay. To reach those, you will need a Tampa Bay Fl redfish fishing charter to get to deeper waters. Ocean fishing will yield the biggest fish.

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What Do You Need?

The first, and most important, thing you need to catch redfish is good bait. Live bait, like a small fish, works best. Things like crabs, shrimp and other small marine life work well because it is similar to what redfish naturally eat. Having a natural food source will increase your chances of getting a redfish on the line.

As far as fishing gear goes, you will need an ultra-light braided test line that holds 8 to 10 pounds along with lightweight 8-foot rods. These can be bought and rented. Many charter companies have the right gear to use included in their fishing packages. Legally, you need a fishing license. Specifically, you need a valid saltwater fishing license issued by Florida. They can be bought from several places, include sporting goods stores and local bait and tackle shops. You can also buy them online from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission website. Be sure to allow time to process your application and mail them to you if you use the website. Redfish fishing can be fun and provide for good eating! Tampa is a great place to find the gear, the boat and the fish to make it all possible. You just need to do a little planning to make it an awesome trip.