Organise Your Travel

Organise Your Travel

Often a great traveling experience turns into a nightmare because we neglected the planning part.

I am not saying that you need to plan every single step taken on the journey in advance, that will surely kill the spontaneity of the situation but many basic things will always remain the same. These are the things that you should plan before leaving.

So here’s a quick checklist of what all should be included in your planning:

1. Book the tickets as soon as you know for sure that you are going. No matter if its 6 months down the lane. Booking early also gives you discounts and relieves the pressure of non availability of tickets at that holiday time. The opportunity cost of not booking can be much higher then unfortunately canceling the ticket at the end moment.

2. If you are going to stay in a hotel, then quickly search online or take recommendations from friends as to which one would be the best option and try book before leaving.

3. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of traveling light. Imagine a scenario when you have to walk a mile with three giant suitcases because no taxi or bus would go inside that lane due to any reason.

4. Read about the place you are going to online, there are hundreds of websites which will definitely have information about even the remotest of places in the world.

5. Check the city’s weather before packing; you surely don’t want to land up in a cold season without your warmers.

6. Keep your medicines and emergency stuff in hand. You can’t waste time to go out looking for them outside hotel in a city unknown.

7. All the things required during transit and travel should be kept in your hand bag. Please don’t put that moisturizer by mistake in your inward luggage and repent the situation.

8. Travel documents need to be handy. Keep them in order in a different pocket of your bag. It’s a lot easier to remember if you can keep a count of your travel documents. This way you’ll know one is missing quickly.