Maple Leafs Are Beauty of Autumn in Beijing

Maple Leafs Are Beauty of Autumn in Beijing

Autumn is very short in China but this is the time that you can consider as linkage of summer and winter. The most beautiful panorama of this short live autumn in Beijing is maple leafs. This is really amazing when you will walk under the maple tree. You can see many trees both side of road in Beijing.

However I have been living in China for the last two months and have not visit many beautiful places of Beijing but I think maple leaf is the best attraction during autumn.

I am a nature lover and as tree is my study material so wherever I see any special tree I like to feel it from my heart. Maple trees are not only special to me but also my long cherished wish to see them physically.

I enjoyed leaves fall very much at the end of the September. I visited many places in Beijing where maple trees are standing with scenic beauty and try to feel the nature of these trees. I understood yellow leafs expose heart touching emotion for green lovers. I touch some of them and see their temporary beauty which are going to loose very soon.

I visited ancient Huashan road in Beijing and climbed the road to find out the peak to view the sunrise but I did not forget to enjoy the natural beauty of maple trees on the mountain.

Anyway, if you are a traveler, do not forget to have a visit in Beijing during Autumn to enjoy the beauty of maple leafs.