Did you know these 10 flight secrets?

Flight journeys are very common. Every person leverages the services and facilities provided in an airplane during the flight. However, there are various secrets of flights that you still don’t know.

Here are all the 10 secrets of flights that will blow your mind.

  1. Why you need to switch off mobile phones

Every flight service, be it Indigo Airlines or others, will ask you to turn off your mobile devices. Most people think that it is the airplane that gets signal disturbance due to mobile signals. Most of the planes work fine even with the mobile signal disturbance. But the pilots find it interrupting while communicating during the flight.

  1. Why landing and takeoff show reduction in the light brightness in the cabin

You must have noticed a reduction in the light brightness at the time of takeoff and landing. This is to ensure that your eyes adjust to the outside light environment. As a result, if you have to evacuate in emergency, the outer darkness won’t give you sudden blindness.

  1. How new are those wrapped headphones

The headphones are provided even in some of the cheapest flightsThese headphones come in a packaging. However, that packaging doesn’t say that the headphones are new. In fact, these headphones are the used ones that are cleaned properly for further use.

  1. Why lavatories have unlocking system outside as well

The lavatories come with an unlocking system from the outer section as well. This unlocking system is provided as a safety measure. For instance, if someone gets hurt inside, this unlocking system helps in opening and saving the person.

  1. Why oxygen masks are useful for 15 minutes only
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The oxygen masks are provided for the passengers at the time of any critical issue at a high altitude. However, these oxygen bags only contain supply for 15 minutes. The limited supply is provided to ensure the safety of the passengers until the pilot can lower the altitude and make the environment breathable again.

  1. Why you don’t have to worry about the lightning

The structure of the plane is designed to work as a Faraday Cage. The structure doesn’t allow the lightning strikes to harm the plane or the passengers inside it.

  1. Why a hard landing is not pilot’s fault

There are various reasons why you experience a hard landing sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean that the pilot is not doing his or her job. Bad weather, monsoon, and other environmental conditions can lead to a hard landing too.

  1. Why a plane can glide even with an engine failure

The shape of the plane allows it to glide for a long time even if the engines are not working. Depending upon the altitude of the flight, the plane can glide for certain miles before losing complete control.

  1. Why locking your luggage is advised

It is possible that you may not have an eye on the luggage in the storage area near your seat. However, locking the luggage makes it completely safe and protected from potential theft.

  1. Why mid-air collisions are impossible

The directions are provided to the flights carefully. Plus, the flight follows that path with precision. So, there is no need to worry about mid-air collisions.

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Now you know it all.