How To Get The Most Out of a Marinduque Trip

How To Get The Most Out of a Marinduque Trip

Marinduque, the heart-shaped tropical island that is on the outside, just one of many in the Philippines, actually offers a lot by comparison. If you have chosen to go to Marinduque to take your long-planned vacation, then it is high time in thinking of how to get the most out of the experience. This is especially true it you have a lot less time to spare.

Traveling to the island, your Philippines travel guide will ultimately tell you the three things you need in order to savor Marinduque: time, place and priorities.

The Lowdown on Time

Time is of the essence here in quaint Marinduque, since depending on the season, you might have the most fun in your vacation, or the worst. It s best to schedule your trip to catch the famous Moriones Festival, and marvel at the costumed actors, the wild parades and the exotic portrayals of the final moments of Christ by the islanders and devotees themselves.

When we speak of festivals in the Philippines, Moriones is the winning card, the golden standard in the country. It is the most colorful fiesta, and also the most religious. It regularly happens during the Holy Week, also known as the week before Easter Sunday. During this time, hundreds of devotees and large populations of tourists come here just to see the event. Make your flight early, and reserve accommodations sooner than everyone else, and you will be alright. Do not worry, it is worth it.

The Perfect Place

Marinduque is blessed with crystal blue beaches and the most amazing set of topography in one island. The Bathala Caves are awe-inspiring to those who visits them. It is one of the island’s more famed destinations and that is for a good cause, with parts designated as the Cathedral and a Python cave, where rock pythons live. It is important to get a good guide to bring you tot his place.

If you tire of one beach, you can find more sights in the Tres Reyes Islands, three islets off the coast of Gasan. They are relatively uninhabited and unspoiled. This is true nature at its best. A Marine sanctuary is also an attraction here.

Priorities Straight

Although this is a vacation, it would be prudent to prioritize which spots would you be willing to visit first. It would also greatly help in deciding where to stay, where would be the nearest or most comfortable stay for you. The White Beach Resort is near the town central, and most of the tourists come here. The Boac Cathedral is a must for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts or even the religious. Waiting by the Balanacan port is a huge statue of the Our Lady of Good Voyage, where you can first visit and admire it if you have the time when you arrive.

Marinduque is a not a highly urbanized island, and although it is blessed with bountiful views and beautiful shores, life remains simple, jolted every now and then with a festival or two.

Instead you will be lulled in the pace of the locals, where you get friendlier, more appreciative of the sights around you and the leisurely walk of life. Then, the longer you stay, the more that priorities melt away, and then you truly begin to understand what a relaxing vacation it is.

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