Hotel Room Safety

Hotel Room Safety

Your hotel room door has two locks for a reason, so be sure to use them! When you or any member of your family is in the room, make sure that all the locks are locked. You can take a simple door-stop with you that adds a bit of additional security. Another thing to consider is packing a portable door alarm. These alarms sound when the door opens, and the noise is loud enough to wake you and your neighbors, and will frighten any would-be thief away quickly. When you leave the room, lock the door. Most hotel room doors lock automatically when the door closes, but double check to make sure. Do not leave your door propped open while you bring in luggage or walk the dog. It only takes a minute to lock and unlock the door and your safety is worth at least that little bit of time.

If you are traveling with pets, either cage your pets when you leave the room or take them with you. If a hotel employee enters the room in your absence and you have a cat or dog loose in the room, there is a chance that the employee or your pet could get injured. Your pet could be mistakenly let out of the room, leading to potential disaster for your beloved cat, dog, or ferret.

If your hotel room has a safe available, use it to store important documents and other valuables. If there is not a safe in the room, ask if the hotel has a safe in the office to store guest’s valuables. If so, use it. Make sure you get an itemized, detailed receipt for anything you place in the hotel safe though.

When you leave your room to go out for supper or to meet with a friend, leave the television on at a reasonable volume. This suggests to potential thieves that you are still in your room. You should also leave the light nearest the door on while you are gone. There are two reasons for this. First, it suggests that you are in the room. The second reason is to allow you to re-enter your room safely. You will be able to see any obstacles in your path and make sure the room is as empty as you left it with a quick glance.

If your room has a closet, put your larger valuables in the closet. You can also store your luggage and pet carriers in the closet, leaving fewer thing visible to possible thieves.

Theft can occur at even the nicer hotels, so whether you are staying in a two-star or five-star hotel, make sure you follow the tips outlined above to keep yourself and your belongings safe. Safety is a priority!