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The Cleaning of Medical Offices

The cleaning of an office space is different from the cleaning of a medical office. In the cleaning of a medical office, you have to make sure that every part of it gets disinfected. Particular attention is given to areas in the medical office where patients stay, to get rid of the germs and prevent further contamination.

What is usually cleaned up in the waiting room is the trash bin, and the other cleaning task in this area involves keeping things like magazines in order. For floors that are not carpeted, a cleaner can sweep it for any trash and dust that has accumulated in it. A carpeted waiting room floor has to be vacuumed for any trash and dust that has accumulated in it. However the cleaning of the medical office waiting area, goes beyond that and there are actually more things that has to be done.

Before they are placed in the waiting room, the reading materials have to be wrapped in a plastic sleeve for the patients to read. A reading material wrapped in plastic sleeve, before placed in the rack, should be thoroughly disinfected. The rack containing all of the reading materials must be free from any viruses and germs and must be disinfected, so that it would not infect other people.

Only once in a month are the waiting area furniture cleaned up. The furniture in the medical office needs to be cleaned after the officers, so that means daily. The cleaning personnel makes sure that the tables, benches, and chairs are disinfected. Again, this has to be done to ensure the safety of the patients who will be there the next day from any germs and viruses. Exception is not placed to the plants that are in waiting area as a decoration, they are disinfected as well. Viruses and germs can hide in the plant’s leaves or stem, to stop its multiplication, daily wiping and disinfecting has to be done.

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The floors of the medical office should be tiled for it to be swept and then mopped from any dirt easily. The thing with carpeted floors is that they are a challenge for those who does the removal of viruses and germs. Tiled flooring is the best one for a medical office.

To keep virus and bacteria from spreading in the air of the medical office, a cleaner has to regularly check the filter of the air condition if it is still working.

If there are disposable materials used, for example syringes and vials, then the cleaner should get rid of them immediately. Since this type of waste is infectious, you do not throw it in the same trash bins as your other garbage, but throw them in special infectious waste bins.

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