Getting Cheap Flights

Getting Cheap Flights

Every traveler wants to get cheap flights. Airfare takes up a large portion of the travel budget for most people, so cutting back on the cost of plane tickets can really help make travel possible. The elusive cheap plane ticket is difficult to come by, but there are a few insider secrets for getting cheap flights that you should know about.

First of all, as much as possible, you want to buy in advance. Around 15 days before the date of travel, airfare starts to go up, so your best bet is to purchase your tickets 21 days in advance or more.

That is, unless you are not on a specific time schedule, in which case you can opt to book last minute travel. In this case, airlines offer discounted seats a day or two before travel because they want to fill up the extra unsold space on the airplane. So, if you’re simply looking to get away but don’t need lots of time to plan, just check out online booking sites a few days before you might want to travel.

If at all possible, book your travel on Tuesdays or Thursdays, which tend to be the least busy airline travel days; thus, airline companies tend to discount flights on those days more heavily to fill up the empty seats.

When booking, try to actually book on a Wednesday, as this is often when airfares statistically change their prices, either up or down.

To book your flight, use an online booking engine. Sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Kayak are aggregators, meaning they pull from many different airline companies to offer you a choice of prices and flights. This is usually much cheaper than going to the individual airline’s website to look for tickets, mostly because aggregators buy up seats in bulk and offer them to travelers at a discount.

If you have some wiggle room in your schedule, try different days or times in the booking engine to see if different prices come up. Consider flying on a budget airline, like Ryanair, Air Asia, Southwest or Jet Blue. These airlines often offer extremely discounted travel, sometimes tickets for just a penny plus tax, for those on a tight budget. The way that they achieve this is to fly into smaller, less expensive (and farther away) airports, among other business tactics. Though you won’t necessarily get as comfortable a flight with a budget airline, you will save money.