Figuring Out Wine

The Artistic Value of the Wine Decanter

A wine pitcher adds some beauty to the appearance of your dinner setting This helps your wine to breath and also eliminates the possibility of having sediments collecting in the wine bottle. Red wine is the biggest culprit when it comes to sediment collection. This sediment results because of a collection of the proteins that crystallize as the wine grows older. Pouring out the wine slowly is a recommended way to keep the decanter free of the sediment. The main objective though is to pour the wine straight from the pitcher without having to worry about the sediment. Most decanters come with a sieve to capture the sediment. Even so, it is still advisable to pour out the wine slowly because the sieve may miss capturing all the sediment.

Regardless of your preference, classical or inspired designs, wine decanters designs are so many in the market.

Decanters are in many shapes and designs just by virtue of aesthetics. The common ones have a wide base and have a long neck with a wide mouth. This style enables the wine to oxygenate well. Your major concern in as far as buying a wine carafe is concerned, is the subtleties of wine aeration. Another style gaining popularity is the doughnut shape base type of pitcher. Ostensibly, this design helps wine aerate more and open faster. There is the duck design that looks like a gravy boat with a long thin neck. This design allows the broadest surface of the wine to possibly breathe.

The reason why wine needs to breath is that it can stagnate when in a sealed bottle. The wine primarily just shuts down and all the scents are lost. When the wine is open and oxygenates, it stimulated the molecules of aromas consequently raising the flavors to life again. When you decant your wine; you get the best out of the flavor and aroma as good as it may have been when it was first bottled. When you aerate young red wine with a pitcher, the tannins are softened making it easier to drink. When new wine is aerated in a carafe, the tannins in it are softened, and it makes it smoother. Let the wine sit for about an hour after pouring it into the decanter.

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If you love red wine and drink affordable wine regularly, using a carafe is a great idea. It may not sound or even look as much but surely the increased oxygen exposure improves the taste and aromas that come out. True, a good wine pitcher is a must have for a wine specialist. A good wine decanter can also make an intriguing gift to a wine fan. Nevertheless, it makes a splendid addition to any crystal assemblage.

The Ultimate Guide to Wine

The Ultimate Guide to Wine