Discover Oregon: Salem, Portland, Columbia River and Snake River

Discover Oregon: Salem, Portland, Columbia River and Snake River

The Pacific Northwest is blessed to have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Oregon is one of the states that Mother Nature has blessed with beautiful landscapes. Mount Hood is one of the distinguished landmarks in this state. The peaks are covered by snow year round making it a beautiful scene. Oregon is lucky enough to have the rugged coastal areas as well as beautiful inland scenes to make it truly a remarkable place. The lifestyle in Oregon is laid back and relaxed. The residents are friendly and welcome tourists.

Salem is the capital of Oregon, and lies just about an hour south of the border joining Oregon and Washington. This city is home to the state capitol building and many other government offices. Silver Creek Falls is a short hike from there and has a beautiful grouping of ten waterfalls to view. Willamette River runs through Salem and the scenery is beautiful. Named for the river, Willamette University is located in Salem and is one of the oldest and finest universities in this city.

Portland is blessed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Portland is built up against the hills and the Willamette River flows from the city of Salem to wind through downtown Portland. Driving across the many bridges into town creates a scene that is second to none. Waterfront Park is the center of many concerts and other activities. This park is located close to the down town area. There are miles of river front areas to walk on and rose bushes are everywhere. Portland is known as the city of roses and to celebrate this, a rose festival is held every June.

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The Columbia River starts in Canada winding through Washington and Oregon before making its way to the sea. Its tributary is the Snake River which starts in Wyoming and later joins the Columbia on its way to the Pacific Ocean. The area along the Columbia is beautiful and this river is a great place to fish for salmon.

Oregon has a diverse landscape including the high desert to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the west, with rugged mountains in between. Oregon has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. People from many countries come to see Multnomah Falls and Crater Lake. They are two of the most visited tourist attractions in Oregon. The temperatures in Oregon are mild, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, if you do not mind a bit of rain.

The people living in Oregon enjoy the many outdoor activities in this beautiful state. Hiking, boating, fishing and camping are all enjoyed in the summer. Many people also love to ride the rapids on the many rivers running through this state. Skiing and many other recreational winter sports are easily taken advantage of in more than one Oregon location.

Oregon offers one of the most well known and highly rated golf courses. This course is located at the coast and is named Bandon Dunes. There are many beautiful hotels in this area and the golf course is rated as one of the top ten golf courses in the world.

Each year thousands of people visit Oregon and find it one of the most beautiful places they have ever been. There are great hotels and restaurants featuring salmon and other fresh seafood that abound in the Oregon area. No one leaves without enjoying a slice of blackberry pie blackberries are so prevalent in this area that the natives call them weeds. Oregon is a great place to spend a vacation, with great shopping and many outdoor activities to keep you busy for months.

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