Discover Indian Wells Golf Resort

If you have been searching for Palm Springs golf courses that stands miles above the rest, your search has come to an end. Indian Wells Golf Resort features an upscale course that will grab your attention and compel you to take a closer look. From the landscaped grass to the trees and rocks, we have accounted for each detail to make your experience as positive as possible, and we are confident you will appreciate the effort.

This golf course has attracted some of the top names in the golf world with its elegant design and captivating views. Those who come here for a game are glad they did the second they see everything Indian Wells Golf Resort has to offer, and it won’t be hard for you to understand why. You will be pleased when you step onto the course to play your first round.

Landscape and View

The view you see when you come to our golf resort is one of the top things that attract the attention of people from all parts of the globe. The bright green grass is the first thing you will see, but the rocks, bushes and trees that line the edge serve to enhance the visual appeal. If you stay here and play enough, you will come across the streams and rivers that run through the area and boost the environment to a whole new level.

You will enjoy the view and landscape even if you have never played a single round of golf in your life. People who come here are stunned when they discover the combination of class and beauty that only Indian Wells Golf Resort can provide.

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Those who have played more than a few rounds of golf in their life know that the quality of a course can have an impact on the game. A course with poorly cut grass, for example, makes it that much harder for players to send the ball in the right direction. Those who would otherwise display great skill can even have trouble overcoming that challenge, but you won’t need to worry about it here.

The staff give the grass a clean and even cut so that it won’t impact your game in a negative way. If you have never played on a course that has been properly maintained, you will be pleased with the difference.