Countries Rich in Culture

Countries Rich in Culture

Around the globe there are many countries which are known for its colorful culture and tradition. It is quite a unique pleasure to travel through the culturally rich countries and experience their diverse culture, religious customs, traditions and life style. Belgium, Australia, India, Spain and Romania are some of the best options for a cultural traveler. Several International Airfare Deals and Cheap Air tickets are available for the all the tourists.

Belgium a country in the North Western European province offers one of the most impressive and unique cultures. The country boasts of its Baroque architecture, Flemish Renaissance art, Gothic Cathedrals, rich paintings and architectural works.

Australia, the country of Aborigines, has a vibrant mixture of cultures and historical heritage. The country has gained significance as a culturally rich tourism spot, for its diversity, landscapes and of course hospitality.

India, being a land of different religions and various languages is the epitome of culture, heritage and tradition. Different monuments and temples throughout the country attract a large number of tourists all over the year.

Spain is another cultural destination in Europe which retains its proud history, outstanding architecture and a haunting natural beauty. Traveling through this culturally rich country will likely be enriching.

Romania is another typical destination for culturally minded traveler. The country’s rich cultural heritage, towns and cities with fascinating history and varied landscape are a few things which attract travelers.

A vacation on these culturally rich destinations will leave you with an unforgettable travel experience and lasting memory.