Avoid the Most Common Health Mistakes During Air Travel

Avoid the Most Common Health Mistakes During Air Travel

While traveling, most people tend to forget their health, yet it is one of the most important aspects of travel. You can make sure that your trip sails smoothly without any health complications by walking around as you wait for your plane. This will improve your blood flow and relax your muscles. You could even carry around your luggage, which will boost your metabolism rate. These activities will be of great benefit once you board the plane.

To avoid jet lag, which can be caused by dehydration, make sure that you consume as much water as possible. This will not only help in hydrating your body, but the fact that you will have to visit the bathroom often will allow for blood flow protecting you from muscle cramps. You should avoid eating any junk food before and during the flight as they cause fatigue and stomach upsets. Carry along some eye drops, which will help in lubricating your eyes preventing you from eye irritations caused by the dry air on the plane.

For better nutrition while on the road, you can have an omelet that has been filled with vegetables, whole-wheat toast, and one bowl of oatmeal if you are eating at a restaurant for breakfast. In case you are taking your breakfast at a hotel continental bar, you can have a whole grain cereal containing low fat milk, some fresh fruits, yogurt, or even hard boiled eggs.

At a service station, order a single serving of whole grain breakfast cereals, protein bars with low sugar levels and in case you cannot access these, have a hot breakfast sandwich. Fast food restaurants will offer you fruits and yogurt, low fat milk or pure fruit juice. For take away snacks in the car, carry fresh vegetables and fruits, plenty of water, vegetarian cheese, whole grain crackers that have been baked, packs of sandwiches that have been made with whole grain bread and any nuts that contain polyunsaturated fats such as cashews.

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For lunch and dinner go to the full service restaurants as they offer more choices than the fast food restaurants. Order some soup or salad to eat together with your main course. Consider sharing the meal with your partner, as you will be served with huge portions, and eat the vegetables or order for a dish if not served with some. Go to fast food restaurants that allow you to choose the ingredients to be contained in your sandwich, as well as low fat salads. In case you are eating at a hotel, buy snacks at a local grocery such as nuts or popcorn and pizzas containing many vegetables. Also avoid overeating to maintain your health.