Avoid the Biggest Vacation Mistakes I’ve Seen

Avoid the Biggest Vacation Mistakes I’ve Seen

Going on vacation? Great! I’m gonna cover a couple of things to do so you won’t ruin your trip and waste your money.

1) Bring medical info on all members traveling- Make copies of important medical information (medications, ailments, doctor contact info, shot record, insurance card, letter from parents allowing you to make medical decisions if your kid’s friends are traveling with you, etc.) Create a medical info pack for each person that can be turned over to emergency personnel in case of an accident or other emergency. The amount of info will depend on whether you are travelling in or out of the country, so plan it out ahead of time.

2) WEAR SUNSCREEN! I can’t tell you how many people I see down here on vacation in Florida who enjoy their first day in the sun and spend the rest of their vacation in pain looking like they are wearing a lobster costume. Put it on before you head out and reapply frequently throughout the day. You will be able to do more and suffer less!

3) Coordinate your plans! Everyone should know what is going on and what is coming up before it happens. Discuss plans for the next day at dinner, do a quick brief at breakfast on what is going on, review contact info (where to meet and when if splitting up) and make sure your cell phones or two-way radios are charged and on the right frequency. If using radios, have more than one frequency planned in case of heavy or obnoxious radio traffic- use an easy memory jogger that everyone would know (numbers in someone’s birthday, etc.). Losing a radio is cheaper than replacing a cell phone.

4) If in a theme park, use the meal deal and share if you have a big group (don’t be obvious– they frown on that big time). At Universal, you pay around $21 and you can eat all day at selected restaurants. Buy or bring the souvenir cup for that park and get refills for around $.79 instead of paying $2.50 or more for each drink. Ask them to go light on the ice and get more drink for your money or use the ice to keep you cool on a hot day at the park.

5) Leave some free time! You don’t have to be doing something every single minute- this is a vacation so RELAX! Plan an afternoon by the pool or beach doing nothing but enjoying doing nothing. It costs less and face it, just being away from your normal life laying by a pool you don’t have to clean or a beautiful beach can be the best part of your trip.