A Mini-Guide to Some of the Most Unusual Hotels in the World

A Mini-Guide to Some of the Most Unusual Hotels in the World

Do you have an inquisitive spirit? You might want to plan your next vacation at one of the following hotels.

Largest Hotel in the World

Vegas: With over 7000 rooms, the Venetian/Palazzo Megacenter in Las Vegas has been designated as the largest hotel in the world. It houses 19 restaurants, 80 boutiques, and four bars. Entertainment offered by the hotel includes standup comedy and specialty acts like the Blue Man Group.

Las Vegas is also home to several other hotels in the top 10 largest in the world group.

Largest Floating Hotel

London UK: Dubai plans to put the finishing touches on the world’s largest yacht hotel in 2012. The Aquiva will accommodate about 300 guests and will be moored in the Thames as the 2012 Olympics begin. It will rise 75 feet above the waterline with seven decks and a fleet of water taxis to transport guests.

Tallest Hotel

Dubai UAE: The Rose Tower in Dubai is a whopping 333 meters (1093 ft.) high. With 72 floors, it is the tallest finished/occupied hotel in the world. The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea is a close second at 330 m. However, construction is incomplete and this hotel has never been occupied.

Largest Treetop Hotel in the World

Manaus, Brazil: The Ariau Amazon Towers is surrounded by the natural beauty and wild majesty of the Amazon Rainforest. Located 35 miles from Manaus at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek, it is the only resort hotel built completely at treetop level in the jungle. This eco-friendly hotel boasts the ultimate in eco-tourism adventure – from swimming with rare pink dolphins to trekking through the rainforest. Eight wooden towers house 268 rooms, suites, and tree houses.

Underground Cave Hotel

Coober Pedy, South Australia: The Desert Cave Hotel presents accommodations both below and above ground. Enjoy dining, convention facilities, underground shops, bar, and opal display areas. It is located in the outback sandstone formations of the “Opal Capital of the World”. Specialized tours are available for guests who want to venture out into the unique scenery of the outback.

Coldest Hotel in the World

Tomamu, Shimukapppu, Japan: The Ice Hotel, open for just a few months a year, is among the most unusual hotels in the world. Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan; the village is one of its coldest areas. Entrepreneurs have turned bone-chilling temperatures into a tourist attraction, complete with rooms carved out of ice. Extra activities include hot air balloon rides and dog sled tours.

If dinner served on an ice plate isn’t your thing, maybe you would like to try a hotel in one of the hottest cities in the world, Timbuktu!

Hottest Hotels in the World

Timbuktu, Mali: This ancient, scorching-hot city is located on the fringes of the Sahara Desert. Any hotel here would classify as one of the hottest in the world. However, do not expect the amenities and services of five-star hotels. Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an impoverished small community of about 15,000 occupants. Founded in the 11th century, it has a long and colorful history.