A Few Tourist Favorites To Enjoy

A Few Tourist Favorites To Enjoy

Those looking at what to do in Buenos Aires have a wealth of options. A magnificent city, it is full of life, vibrancy and culture. The people are great and only too happy to tell visitors the best bits of their home. But here are a few ideas.

Take a walk through The Botanical Gardens that were declared as Argentina’s national monument in 1996. The garden has three types of gardens the Roman, French and Chinese. The gardens themselves are over 170 years old. There are over 5,500 plants and sculptures adorning the garden. There are five winter houses. There is also a library and a municipal gardening school.

The Avenidade Mayo connects the Plaza de Mayo with Plaza Congreso. This beautiful avenue boasts ten blocks of neoclassical and artistic architecture and buildings. They show the still present European influence in the country. The avenue holds many historic memories of Argentina’s past.

The Cafe Toroni is on the avenue and traditionally keeps to the old times. Step inside and admire the wood, stain glass and high ceilings and the yellowish marble. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a light meal.

The Cafe basement has a historic saloon where in the evenings and a reservation you can enjoy some tango dancing. The famous Argentina tango star Carlos Gardel has been known to stop by on occasion.

The Recoleta is the high-class commercial and residential area. This area has French styled buildings and historic sights. The central square has many coffee shops and places to buy souvenirs.

There are a few historic places to visit if you are thinking what to do in Buenos Aires too of course. The Del Pilar church is located in the square. The church was built between 1706 and 1732 by the Franciscans and was a refuge for monks until 1820. The Palaise de Glace was built in the early 1900’s as an ice skating ring and social club. When skating became less popular the building was converted into a wonderful dance hall where tangos can still be enjoyed today.

When you are wondering what to do in Buenos Aires, you will find that there are unlimited activities and events throughout the years. There really is a great deal going on and, this article does not do the city justice. As such, it may be an idea to do a good deal more research to get the best from it. Indeed, carrying around a guidebook could be just the thing.