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Interesting Educational Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

It is crucial for grandparents and grandchildren to have a special bond so that they can teach them life skills and tell them about their family history. This article will guide you on some fun and educational activities that you do with your children.

Kids love to paint, hence, arts and craft is a fun and educational activity that you can do with your grandchildren. The benefit of arts and crafts is that it will keep them engaged at all times and they can make something special that will always remind them of you. In order to keep the activity more engaging and interesting, consider making the supplies with your grandchild.

If your grandchild is a foodie, then you may consider baking as an activity to help you bond with them. The best part about this activity is the fact that children love to be included in adults activities. Also, baking involves measuring, reading recipes and stirring and with this, they will learn life skills like following instructions and being patient.
Go to the library with your grandchild and read books together. You can choose a library that has story hours for younger kids and if they are older, you can start a book club together. You can also look at baby books together and read stories for them.

Kids love watching TV which can make them lazy when they sit on the couch the whole day, therefore, a movie day would be a great idea. A movie day is an excellent idea to get your grandchildren out of the house and keep them happy in other ways other than sit at home and watch TV. Going to the movies is educational because they can watch documentaries and it will give them an exceptional experience.

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Teaching your grandkids a hobby is a fun and educational activity that will make every moment special. If you are into knitting or fishing, you can get them fishing pole or a knitting set to make the activity more interesting. Search for sources with information about the hobby or activity as a way of making the kids familiar to your hobby.

Take the kids to a zoo so that they can interact with animals that they have only seen on the screen. A zoo is educational for you both because you get to learn about the various creatures. The local park is a perfect place to observe birds and connect with the nature.

Nowadays, there are many fun games that can be played by both adults and children. Therefore, start a friendly competition with your grandchildren as a way to bond with them.
Going on a scavenger walk is also another great way to pass time and make memories with your grandchildren. Make a list of things that you would like them to collect during the walk including leaves and feathers.