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Places To See In Costa Rica

Places To See In Costa Rica

Places of Natural Beauty in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is traditionally divided into six geographic zones; Caribbean, Central Valley, Central Pacific, the “Dry Region”, the Plains and the South. The backpacker, hiker or other traveler will consider mainly the beaches, the cloud forests and its many parks. The reason here is the natural beauty and the wildlife that can be viewed in these exotic and sometimes remote locations. Remember – when visiting Costa Rica the traveler can have direct encounters with the jungle!

The Beaches

The Central Pacific is where the traveler will find most Costa Rican beaches. Puntarenas is generally known as a ferry point for the rest of the area. Manuel Antonio is probably the most well known for being the first to become popular – so it is probably the most expensive!A� Manuel Antonio National Park is placed in this beach region and is therefore mentioned here.A� This park is divided into white cliffs, sandy beaches and the water’s edge coming right up to the jungle. There are many trails to explore in this huge (over 4K acres) park. Despite its size, it is still a very busy park.

The Caribbean and the Sea Turtles

Is actually not very populated and not visited very often. But it is a great place to find sea turtles and other wildlife. The main refuge there is the Gandoca-Manzanillo. If fortunate, one may be able to find Hawksbill sea turtles from March to August. The great Leatherback turtle appears from February through April (it appears elsewhere in other seasons). Other sea turtles appearing on these wild beach sites are the Green, Loggerhead and Olive ridley. Manatees and Tucuxi dolphins may also be spotted sporting around in these beach areas. However, the naturalist may want to check the lagoons and rivers for them. Also present in this zone should be poison-dart frogs – look but don’t touch if you find them!

The traveler may also want to visit Tortuguero – but it is accessible only by plane or boat.A� However, here one may observe sea turtles laying eggs or the hatching of the same.

The Cloud Forests

The cloud forests are probably Costa Rica’s most famous feature. Monteverde is accessible from San Jose. Trip by car or bus is said to take 3 hours – but schedule 4 to 5 hours! Ecotourism hikes of 3 hours duration are also available in the forest. The Eco-tours offered are said to be “responsible with little damage” to the forest – but one may expect crowds. One must expect to be overwhelmed by the diversity of bird life. The Audubon Society reported a record bird species count in one 24 hour period.A�

The Parks

There are several parks and stations suggested for hiking and backpacking. These are the Arenal (volcano), Cahuita, Lankester Botanical Gardens, Rincon, and La Selva Biological Station. Corcovado Park is most famous for its scarlet macaw population. Rincon has a waterfall (Cangrejo), two volcanic craters and a crater lake. It is best to call and make advance reservations with La Selva. One other famous park is discussed with the Cloud Forests – Monteverde. Corcovado is said to be relatively uncrowded due to visitor controls – it also offers some hard trails for the hiker! Cahuita is flat with short trails and should be a relatively easy hike.A�…

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Must-Have Travel Items for the Woman Traveler

Must-Have Travel Items for the Woman Traveler

Must Haves for the Girl on the Go

Planning a vacation or got another business trip scheduled? Here’s a guide to gadgets and gear to help a jet-set woman stay connected and collected, whether she’s high flying in business class or gliding on cruise control.

Mobile Office

For the woman whose brief case is keeper of not just her files but all her day-to-day necessities, the Trixy Laptop Bag by Acme Made combines it all – style, functionality and value – in one multi-tasking bag. It’s spacious enough to store your life and intelligent enough to keep it all in place, with lots of internal pockets, a matching padded removable laptop sleeve, and a matching accessories bag. Fits many of today’s most popular laptop models up to 15.4″. $97.50 .

Wheeling and Dealing

Whether it’s your main squeeze or your boss blowing up your phone, don’t let it drive you crazy, or cause you to drive crazy. Get the SuperTooth Buddy, the perfect partner for making calls on the road. This user-friendly, hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone clips onto your sun visor and connects two phones at the same time, providing hassle-free talk time in the car. Anauto-connect feature reconnects to your phone automatically every time you enter the vehicle. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, and provides 20 hours of talk time. In-car charger and handy USB cable included; can also be charged from a PC via the USB. $59. Department, specialty and mobile phone stores or .

Handy Bag

Keep it together with the Waterfield Travel Case, perfect for your iPhone, iPod and all your accessories and peripherals. The fully padded main compartment has five separate soft pockets to tuck away your cables and cords tangle-free, and a zippered outside compartment with two more pockets. Zip it up securely with a self-locking zipper and stow it in your backpack, purse or messenger bag. It’s thin and cute enough it could almost pass as a sporty clutch, but so functional it could hang on a tool belt. Available in three sizes, $35 to $39. .

Sky’s the Limit

Give up the old ball and chain of a wired hard drive and free up space on your computer with cloud computing by SugarSync. You can upload all those work docs, pics, videos, music and other content that clogs your computer with a secure 5GB free online account for anytime, anywhere access anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you need more space, you can get 30GB to 500GB for $4.99 to $39.99 per month. .

Smooth Operator

Forget those el cheapo scratchy travel razors, and pack along the new Schick Intuition, a shaver perfect for the multitasking woman on the go with a travel cap and its own emollient lotion-rich cream bar surrounding the embedded three-tier blade, so you just need water, no need to pack shaving cream. $9.99. Drugstores nationwide.

You Go Girl

For the woman who likes to gab and keep going, and going, the Energizer EnergiToGo AP650 can charge her up, without access to a power outlet or car charger. Just plug your cell phone, Blackberry or other device into the compact key-ring sized power source to extend your talk time up to 90 minutes longer. It’s rechargeable up to 500 times using the original phone charging cable, and you can talk while you charge.$24.99. Find retailers at .

Sock it to Me

So they might not win any fashion awards, but Futuro Hosiery by 3M are the jet-set girl’s best friend for preventing in-flight blood clots, known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT or “Economy Class Syndrome”), and reducing spider veins and swollen ankles and just generally keeping your legs comfy and energized, especially if you have to sit in one place for a long time. $10 to $35. Drugstores nationwide and .

Heavy or Not

Avoid paying extra bag fees on your luggage and gear by weighing it before you go to the airport. Do it at home or in your hotel room with the Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale. The slim and lightweight hand-held scale can weigh bags up to 100 pounds and can pack easily in your luggage. $24.95. .…

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Maple Leafs Are Beauty of Autumn in Beijing

Maple Leafs Are Beauty of Autumn in Beijing

Autumn is very short in China but this is the time that you can consider as linkage of summer and winter. The most beautiful panorama of this short live autumn in Beijing is maple leafs. This is really amazing when you will walk under the maple tree. You can see many trees both side of road in Beijing.

However I have been living in China for the last two months and have not visit many beautiful places of Beijing but I think maple leaf is the best attraction during autumn.

I am a nature lover and as tree is my study material so wherever I see any special tree I like to feel it from my heart. Maple trees are not only special to me but also my long cherished wish to see them physically.

I enjoyed leaves fall very much at the end of the September. I visited many places in Beijing where maple trees are standing with scenic beauty and try to feel the nature of these trees. I understood yellow leafs expose heart touching emotion for green lovers. I touch some of them and see their temporary beauty which are going to loose very soon.

I visited ancient Huashan road in Beijing and climbed the road to find out the peak to view the sunrise but I did not forget to enjoy the natural beauty of maple trees on the mountain.

Anyway, if you are a traveler, do not forget to have a visit in Beijing during Autumn to enjoy the beauty of maple leafs.…

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5 Top Travel Tips by Frequent Flyers

5 Top Travel Tips by Frequent Flyers

In the movie, “Up in the Air,” George Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham was the ultimate example of an efficient traveler. With flight delays, baggage fees and lost luggage becoming more common, what can traveling executives learn from Bingham and real-life frequent flyers? Here are five expert travel tips to help you fly more efficiently and reduce stress when on the road.

Know the facts about your destination. The first step to increasing your flying efficiency is to know the facts about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. Is the trip for work, pleasure or both? What will the weather be during your stay? How many meetings and formal and informal events will you be attending? This information will inform what you need to bring and how you pack.

Commit to carry-on only. With lost bags on the rise and airline luggage fees averaging $25 or more, now is the time to say goodbye to checking bags and embrace the carry-on culture. Before you start panicking about what you can’t bring, realize that, if you pack correctly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can fit into a 22″ spinner carry-on. And once you experience the liberating feeling that comes with avoiding the checked-bag carousel, you’ll find carry-on fun and rewarding, too.

Roll, don’t fold. This tried and true packing technique has been used by flight attendants for decades. Rolling – not folding – the clothes in your luggage not allows you to pack more in less space, it does wonders to avoid wrinkles, too.

Know what to expect at security. How many times have you heard a Transportation Security Administration representative repeat this mantra as you worked your way through the security check-in line? Still, some people hold up the line as they fumble for their boarding pass and ID. Don’t be that guy-know what to expect as you pass through security. Have your boarding pass and ID out and ready. At the x-ray machine, remove your shoes, belt, coat, jewelry, phone, PDA and loose change and place them in a plastic bin to be scanned. Laptops must be removed from their bag and also placed on the conveyor belt to be scanned. All liquids, gels and aerosols, with some exceptions such as medicines, baby formula and breast milk, must be in 3.4 ounce (100ml) or smaller containers and placed in single, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bags. Finally, keep your boarding pass and ID handy until you’re through security. Once you’re at the gate, you will only need your boarding pass to board the plane.

Be on time, and be nice. This might seem obvious, but it’s true-when you’re well prepared for your trip and on time, your trip will go a lot easier and be much less stressful. Print out your boarding pass ahead of time if possible. Some airlines such as Delta now text an electronic boarding pass to your cell phone. Be at the airport on line to check in at least one hour before your boarding time. Also, be kind to the ticketing agents, flight attendants and other airline personnel. It’s their job to make your trip as pleasurable as possible. They’re working as quickly as possible, so cut them some slack if things get hectic. Remember they have to deal with people and deadlines all day long. Please and thank you goes a long way in the airport and on the plane.…

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Shopping in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt


Shopping in Egypt presents a mind-boggling range of choices. In Southern Egypt, you get Nubian handicrafts & gifts. In eastern & western Egypt, you can get Bedouin options. Of the 3 souqs (Aswan, Luxor & Cairo), Aswan can be rated the best. Though, Cairo’s Khan-Al-Khalili is the largest. Even the shops by the sea, at Dahab, have interesting buys.

If you are looking for specialties like Nubian or Bedouin work, it is best to pick them up at the local souqs, rather than at Khan-Al-Khalili. Not only is the best variety available in the local souqs, the prices too are considerably cheaper than Cairo.

If you plan to visit factories – perfume, alabaster, papyrus, carpets etc, remember not to be forced into buying anything. Visiting these factories can be good, as they explain how these products are made, but, there is a lot of hard-sell. If you are uncomfortable about it, make sure you let your guide know that you do not want to is quite okay to do so. If you do visit them, but are not tempted to buy anything, you can leave a tip behind for the factory / the person who showed you the demonstration, as a gesture of appreciation.

In the souqs, bargain hard. It can be particularly distressing for people not used to bargaining. Make your offer, of what you feel is a fair price. Remember to start a little below your final price, as you eventually have to step up your offer a bit. If it is not viable for the shopkeeper, he will refuse. Walk away, or say that you’ll think about his final offer & come back times, this does the trick & they call after you. If the shopkeeper had genuinely quoted his lowest price, he will not call you , you can decide later if you want to go back or not. Do not feel guilty about remember – bargain politely & with a allows for no hard feelings. Nobody will ever sell you anything below cost price, for a loss (contrary to what they may tell you while selling it). You can get most purchases for almost 1/4th the quoted price. Another trick to use is to ask your hotel staff for prices of some items like hats, t-shirts, carpets, keychains, jewellery etc. This way, you have an idea before-hand, and bargain accordingly.


Many toilets are of the squat type. Western WCs too are increasingly common, especially in larger towns & in cities. Do not expect very clean toilets. Keep lots of toilet paper handy, maybe even disinfectant wipes, for wiping toilet seats. If you know the trick to using a squat toilet, it is more hygienic, as you will not be sharing a seat with thousands of others. Carry some liquid / paper soap too, as it is non-existent in these toilets.

In many toilets, it is expected that you pay a small charge – 50 piastres to 1 LE should suffice. Some toilet attendants dole out a small wad of toilet paper when you go , you can never be sure. All toilets will have water, either a tap or a squirter, for washing.

While travelling or going from site to site, make use of all toilet breaks. In remote locations, it may be a while before you come across the next toilet.

A small request – a lot of toilets are choked, not because of lack of flushing, but, because tourists try to flush toilet paper, as they are probably used to, elsewhere. It does not work here……Egyptian plumbing lines are not designed to take the load of enormous quantities of toilet paper being flushed down. All toilets have a waste bin…..please dispose the paper in it. There are signs to this effect put up in a lot of places, but, many people pay no heed to it. Please do your bit to keep the toilets clean & working, for other people.…

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Pupil Airplane Tickets

Booking airplane tickets is at all times a fantastic trouble and requires a substantial amount of time. Airline prices are significantly larger for all of these instances. Airline ticket prices are typically posted at cheap prices and then as the date gets closer, lots of the airlines will enhance the prices to reap the benefits of last second travelers. Continental, Northwest and America West airlines as well as several travel web pages provide such insurance.\n\nMany travelers do not use a cellphone to make travel arrangements. Last minute tickets – Browse the websites of airlines to verify for last minute tickets which are available at nearly half rates. Generally, in reality, the most affordable airfare is essentially the most easy fare you may find.\n\nYou may get ample scope to choose a airplane ticket out of many discount airplane tickets supplied by many airlines. Low-cost flights have changed the world. They may generally have restrictions on the travel, but if you end up locked in and know nothing is going to keep you off that airplane, reap the benefits of these airline ticket prices.\n\nThere may be many travel deals like special discount to the defense personals or to the senior citizens and so forth. If are unable to search out an airline within your finances then you could search again with a slight change of date if it is feasible for you.…

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Opening Yourself Up to the Real World

Opening Yourself Up to the Real World

Kaput, broken or useless, is the current slang summer backpackers to Europe use these days. Do not dread the day your daughter runs off to Europe with just a backpack. Have confidence in the backpacker travel insurance.

In the US, this insurance policy is more widespread. A usual scene in European cities is girls who are on their backpacking trip. Those who frequently see these girls around are those also on their backpacking trips or the Italian and Spanish men.

Making a few changes with the backpack is what has been going on in Europe for more than a few years. Since there are many backpackers it is hard to get an exact amount of how many pass by each time. With regards to last year, the number of people, who visited Europe this summer, from the younger generation has increased Verifying how many people carrying their backpacks flock to this city is like making a hunch as to where they are heading. There was a 100 percent raise this year in backpacks sold to people heading for Europe says one major East Coast outlet.

It does not matter what summer’s youth is talking with them as they travel Europe, their only objective is to slow down and take it easy. Let’s pretend your tent took in water in Copenhagen and now your sleeping bag is now sopping wet. Well, just fold it up and let water drip out on your way to Amsterdam.

Specified in a best selling American guidebook, is this attitude of being relaxed. That book talks about the affairs on hitchhiking in each country and offers hints to people like tearing the pages of the book. For backpackers the significant things are the only ones packed since carrying lesser weight it ideal and pages can get kind of heavy.

Relieving their backpacks of 14 pounds of clothes was a Canadian couple who had to send them all back home. Just like other Canadians, they are not without their national flag attached on their bags. It is not acceptable for them to be seen as Americans. Despite having what seem to be American flags irregularly show up, most Americans do not embellish their packs with them.

If the youth of America try to douse nationalism, reminders of the US still follow them. Aside from the backpacks they carry, travelers also wear the same thing and those are jeans. Whatever the occasion there is always a pair of jeans suited for it.

Seldom do we see backpackers in groups, more often they go solo or with a companion. It is a cycle of meeting someone somewhere, separating with them the travel once more or stay longer at a certain place. Backpackers in most cases are not vagabonds. Everywhere they are there will always be a chance for them to mail a letter back home. A piece of advise however, remember that in most cases travel insurance can always help you whenever you take spur of the moment trips.…