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Travel Tips – Plan and Save on Your Next Getaway

Travel Tips – Plan and Save on Your Next Getaway

Traveling is a passion for many people; whether it’s to exotic faraway countries, or to places they’ve never seen within their own country or state. While last minute travel may appear to be an economical and spontaneous way to get away from it all, there is a lot to be said for planning in advance to come up with the perfect vacation.

Whether you are looking for adventure in the great outdoors, seeking for the soothing calmness of a home away from home or the luxury of a nearby hotel with a restaurant and pool, here are several tips that you can follow so you can save money on what could be your greatest expense on any vacation.

Comparison Shop. You may have stayed loyal to a certain hotel chain, but it won’t hurt to try doing some research. Aside from checking the rates, make sure you have read what is normally in fine print – cancellation policies and full payment requirements when booking. Low rates may not mean you’re getting a great, less costly deal. Verify if the rates include breakfast and if you need to pay for your parking space. If you are booking your flight online, there are a lot of websites that provide assistance in finding accommodations. Look up Kayak first. Kayak searches 159,000 hotels across the globe compared to which search only 70,000. Check out Sidestep, Hotwire, Travelocity and Expedia as well. You may also check the hotel’s own website first because you may sometimes find additional offers or cancellation policies that are less strict. When booking your room online, try making a follow-up call to the hotel manager and enquire about any special deals like a gas rebate card or a discount to an additional room.

Think Big. Don’t want to feel confined in a small hotel room? Find out how you can rent someone’s home then. Aside from having more of the space that you won’t find in a hotel room, you get to save money on the meals that you can prepare yourself in the kitchen. You can visit , or for available rental homes throughout North America and beyond.

Rough It. Go camping if your family is the adventure-loving, outdoorsy type. Try and you will find offers for campsites that range from $10 to $20 per night, and is actually less costly than a hotel. If you are looking for lodging in federal, state and private parks, go to . Sometimes, park rangers can be more helpful that concierges at five-star hotels when it comes to explaining low- or no-cost fun activities suitable for children.

Work It. If you’ve got kids that are old enough and enthusiastic to help out in a farm, think of staying at a B&B on a working farm where you can get involved in farm chores or just hang out at the local countryside. Be sure to ask each farm if children are allowed in the place. We currently don’t have any organizations offering information about farm stays in our country. You may verify with your state of choice’s farm association and find details on any farm stays through their website.

Share the Fun and Expense. Lessen your accommodation and meal expenses by inviting your relatives or friends with kids of the same age as yours. By letting them come with you, child care costs are shared and you get extra adult-time by allowing each set of parent watch over all the children.

Factor In the Cost of Meals. Kids’ meals can be quite costly as they add up, but it’s one expense that can be easily cut. When driving, save on dining by bringing packed meals and snacks that are kept fresh on a cooler. Some restaurants offer free meals for kids aged 12 and under. Look for a particular restaurant within your vacation route through websites like , , or

Take a Virtual Visit. During the planning stage of your trip, visit the official website of your destination and even the local chamber of commerce. You may find attractive deals and discounts on lodging and local attractions.

Make a Trade. You don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars per night on a closet-sized room. You want a lush summer vacation without the big hole on your wallet from the expensive flight and accommodations. Why not try a home exchange? If you’ve watched Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in The Holiday, then you know what I’m talking about. Check the internet for websites that assist trades throughout the country and even the world. Some of the most popular sites are , , and . Annual membership fees are required which range from $44.95 to $110. With home exchanges, you now have the advantages of …