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4 Ways to See the World

Your bags are packed. Your camera is charged. You’re ready to begin your travel adventures. But what are you going to do when you actually reach your destination? How are you going to explore unknown lands? Here are just a few transportation methods that you might consider.

1. Bike

This is one of the most popular ways to travel off the beaten path. With a bike, you can bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air as you roam around your destination. Not only will you get in some good exercise, but you’ll also be able to navigate in places where cars, planes and trains simply can’t.

2. Tour Bus

They’re a little cliche, but if you’d like a guide to show you the hot spots of your destination, you can find tour buses in most major cities. Some of them are even “hop-on, hop-off” buses where you can depart as soon as you see something that catches your interest. If you really want to eat at that bakery or take a picture with that landmark, you can!

3. Vehicle

What if you don’t want to jam yourself on a crowded bus? What if you’d prefer to be the person behind the wheel? The good news is that there are vehicle options that can suit your needs. For example, you can take a self-guided car tour across the rolling hills of New Zealand, or you can sign up for various overland adventures in an African jeep.

4. Train

Some people think of trains as an old-fashioned thing, but they can actually be a luxurious way to travel. You can find trains with silk sheets and four-course meals served to you on silver platters as you gently roll across the countryside. Just looking out of the window will give you a picturesque view! It’s not a bad way to travel at all.

These are just a few ways to explore everything that this planet has to offer. Whether you’re a hiker, biker or rider, the world is waiting for you! Get out there and see it!…