Follow These 6 Tips if First Time Overseas

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Vacation abroad must provide an unforgettable experience, especially for those of you who first tried it. In order for the trip was fun, try to follow the 6 tips below.

Currently there are many fun holiday alternatives that you can choose. Some Indonesians choose overseas as a destination. In addition to trying new atmosphere, traveling abroad also adds to your traveling experience. Well, sometimes travel abroad does not always run smoothly because of immature preparation, especially for you who just tried it for the first time. To make your trip feel good, follow these 6 tips.

1. Find Information about the Country Concerned

The first thing you should do is seek information about the destination country. Such information includes the habit of the population, tradition, and culture. By knowing the habits of its inhabitants, you can adjust to the environment. In addition, find out also a fun tourist location to visit. Looking for a cheap hotel location is also not to be missed. Through the information obtained, you will be better prepared to travel.

2. Prepare your Passport and Visa

The second thing to be prepared is a passport and a visa. Compulsory for every traveler to have a passport when going on holiday abroad. This passport is just as important as ID Card, that is an identity card. Later, the passport will be checked by the destination airport immigration officer, and your identity will be recorded. In addition to a passport, do not forget to apply for a visa at the embassy of the country concerned. Instead, take a visa two months before departure because getting it is not always easy.

3. Find out the Season in the Country

After determining the date of departure, try to figure out the season that the destination country is experiencing. This is very important especially for those who will vacation to Europe or America. It serves to match the clothes with the weather at that time, because the two areas have 4 different seasons. Do not bring your winter clothes in the summer.

4. Prepare Money according to the Currency of the Country Concerned

Well, money is a pretty important thing in every trip. Before leaving, exchange your rupiah currency with the currency of the destination country. Avoid swapping currencies in destination countries. Usually, the value of your country’s currency will be cheaper.

5. Be Patient with Immigration Officials

Once the airport arrives, be kind and friendly to the immigration officer on duty. Be patient when they examine you carefully and ask questions. This is reasonable for immigration officers because they will include foreign nationals to their country. So, try to be patient and friendly with immigration officials. Answer the questions as necessary to make the checks run fast.

6. International Travel Charger

For those of you who will travel with electronic goods, you should prepare an international travel charger. Do not think all countries have a two-pronged plug like in Indonesia. In Australia for example, all electrical plugs have three holes. Surely you have to prepare this plug before leaving, especially abroad. To make it easy, you can buy International Travel Charger available at various electrical equipment stores. This charger can be disassembled according to the plug hole so it is practical to carry.