Green Tea and its Effects on Ovary Cancer

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Drinking Green Tea May Lower the Risk of Ovarian Cancer.

Population based studies have found an inverse relationship between the drinking of green tea and the development of ovarian cancer in ladies. Further research conducted in scientific labs – (, signifies that the compounds which are most certain to be responsible for this effect are EGCg and ECG, 2 antioxidants present in large amounts in green tea.

Green Tea and Ovarian Cancer

A brief survey revealed in May of 2010 is the last in a series of population-based studies linking green tea to a reduced chance of ovarian cancers. In this study, researchers examined the case histories of 1,368 women with ovarian cancer, as well as 1,416 ladies who didn’t have the disease. The girls were also given surveys asking them about their tea drinking habits. The researchers discovered that, after controlling for other variables, green tea drinkers were less likely to develop ovarian cancer than women that did not drink tea. At the end of the study, the analysts concluded that there is modest proof suggesting that green tea is a mild ovarian cancer deterrent. Nevertheless, the study could not find definitive proof re the mechanism that gives green tea this property.

But various scientific lab studies may throw light on this question. In one study conducted in 2006 scientists found that green tea inhibits the capacity of isolated ovarian cancer cells to reproduce themselves when they’re kept in scientific lab conditions. Another study from the same year showed equivalent results, but this time testing 3 different compounds from green tea individually: EGCg, EC, and ECG. Each was proved to be effective in treating ovarian cancer cells but the compounds EGCg and ECG were shown to be the most efficient.

2 other studies printed in the last few years have also tested the efficacy of the green tea compound EGCg in preventing the growth of ovarian cancer. Both studies—one conducted in 2004 and another in 2007 —found EGCg to be effective in this case. The compound appears to uniformly stop the growth of several sorts of ovarian cancer, at least under lab conditions.

From these 1 or 2 reports, we can see a noticeable trend. Both lab based and population based studies indicate that green tea, and particularly the 2 compounds EGCg and ECG, seem to fight with the growth and development of ovarian cancer. This is good news for people who already consume big quantities of brewed green tea. Although it may be even better data for people who use green tea in cooking, much like some Chinese populations who use whole tea leaves in their ethnic dishes.

This is due to the fact that both of these compounds—EGCg and ECG—are far more common in whole green tea leaves than in brewed green tea. For instance, there’s roughly 81 times more ECG in the whole green tea leaves than in brewed green tea. As for EGCg, which is considered the most crucial green tea compound for ovarian cancer prevention, it is present in quantities one hundred times greater in full leaves than in brewed green tea.…

7 professions that can make you traveling

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In addition to salary, what is usually seen by young people before pursue a profession is experience. The present generation for example will choose work that gives the opportunity to make more traveling than just a big salary. Here are 7 professions that can make you traveling.

1. Social Media Specialist


Although the new count but work as a social media specialist is quite promising. Many companies from different regions need people skilled in the field. Therefore for those who feel this skill, offer a service for their company. Not bad but can work, you can also taste the taste of living in the city of others.

2. Travel Blogger

Man Using Laptop on a Cliff

Profession as a writer also opens opportunities for traveling around Indonesia. Especially for those who write about travel, opportunities like this are wide open. You can offer your writing to the needy and get paid from there. Even if it is famous, you can invite to an area for a vacation and make writing of the experience.

3. Content Creator

Having the skill to create content now can make a lot of money. Whether it’s content on Instagram, YouTube, or other platforms as long as people like, the creators can make a lot of money. One of the content creators who earn money from their homemade content is Devin Super Tramp. This videographer creates extreme sports videos everywhere in the world.

Well if you have the same passion, why not produce your own video? You can start making traveling videos in your city and upload them on the available online platforms.

4. Tour Guide

The number of cool spots in Indonesia make the role of tour guide is needed. Therefore if you are interested in this type of work, can immediately try it. Work as a tour guide suitable cultivated by you who like to travel and meet people. So later while accompanying tourists on vacation, you can follow the streets as well.

5. Videographer

Have the expertise to make good quality video? If yes that is a sign you can work while traveling around Indonesia. Nowadays many production houses, agencies, or television stations that make the program a walk. Now as a person who has videography skills, you can work in the field by peddling your videography skills.

6. Natural Photographer

Surely the majority of you already know dong if the natural beauty of Indonesia really cool? From North to south of the earth there are many cool spots that can be used as photo objects. Unfortunately if this opportunity is not utilized optimally. You can be a nature photographer. It’s good to take a walk while looking for money, right?

But sometimes when you’re hunting a photo you could be faced with a heavy field. If you already carry a professional camera heavy will be difficult. Luckily now there are smartphones that have high quality camera, but you should also be supported with a stable and fast internet.

7. Sales

Each company will need sales to sell their goods. Interestingly for selling this item, sales usually often travel out of town. So when you are on a business trip this is you can all walk.